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Visit New Caledonia

Visit New Caledonia

In the heart of the South Pacific lies the French tropical island of New Caledonia. Its lush vegetation, sandy beaches, jagged cliffs, vast plains and sheltered bays make for everlasting memories only matched by those from the world’s largest lagoon’ stunning fauna and flora. 

But New Caledonia is more than a postcard-perfect place. This melanesian land is also a cultural melting pot : Kanaks (natives), Caldoches (descendants of settlers), Metropolitans (just arrived from France), Tahitians and Vietnamese, to name a few, are the reason why New Caledonia has a certain je ne sais quoi. To really get a good sense of New Caledonia, spending some time in a melanesian tribe, a caldoche farm and in the Loyalty islands (Ouvéa, Maré, Lifou, Isle of Pines) is a must do.    

Slip behind the wheel, with nothing more than your snorkeling gear, hiking shoes and some clothes on, and let your Europcar rental lead you to breathtaking sceneries and timeless memories.  

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